Glorious Peleys Castle Hotel

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Glorious Peleys

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Στιγμές ανάτασης και χαλάρωσης κατά την διαμονή σας στο κάστρο-ξενοδοχείο του 18ου αιώνα, Glorious Peleys, στην Βυζίτσα (Πήλιο, Μαγνησία)
Uplifting and Relaxation Moments during your stay at Glorious Peleys Castle Hotel,
a building of 18th century, located in Vyzitsa, Pelion mountain, Greece

Quite Simply the Exclusive!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Moments filled with multi-colored plane leaves, strewn beside the stone sprong, where the centaur Cheiron sings hymns to the Argonauts setting off for their expedition, while Zeus counts dolphins in the Pagasitic Gulf, seated on his throne on the snowy summit of Mount Pelion. The summer palace of the 12 gods. A succession of feelings in your soul through the area’s history and the care of the host to make your dream come true! The Castle and Glorious King Peleus will finally admit you to his presence to venues with ecumenical adornment. The heavy, velvet aqua colored curtains from Cairo, the woven nuptial adornments from the desert, the German sewing machine, the carved faces on the corbels, elements from Epirus, which through the joints of the stones, tie in with the Florentine paintings and artworks of the building. Qualitative contrasts envelop you. The moment you try to follow the steps of the Last Waltz on the keys of the black piano, through the gleaming red wine from fraoula grapes in the high stemmed glass, while laurel leaves crackle in the flames of the Hearth. Do not rest on these your laurels. Open the heavy wooden door and enter the painting of your dreams, under the climbing vine, amid the sunflowers.

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[image caption: ‘Centaur’ by Pablo Picasso]