Glorious Peleys Castle Hotel

Quite Simply the Exclusive!

The Tower


The first owner of the Castle was a wealthy Greek cotton thread tradesman from Alexandria, Egypt. Later on, the Castle (Glorious Peleys) and another two houses made up the Papanastaseika community in the Plakopetres area of Vyzitsa. The story of the Castle is a truly interesting one. That tradesman not only was he the wealthiest man in the area but he also ruled it. His contribution to the financial and cultural flourishment of the area through the export of silk and woolen fabrics to many European countries was one of great importance.


However, the brigand attacks, from the Pelion Mountain and the pirate attacks, from the Aegean Sea are the reason which GLORIOUS PELEYS Castle was enriched with many architectural elements of a fortress, while battles of past times left their mark, too.
The Tower’s restoration was made by a traditional builders /craftsmen /painters team from the Magnesia area, which were specialised in the Epirotic architecture (North-Western Greece).

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