Glorious Peleys Castle Hotel

Quite Simply the Exclusive!


Discover the feeling of paradise in an ideal 18th century Castle-Hotel

N. Stereopoulos and M. Linardi collectors of historical artefacts, have brought this Castle back to life and have restored it as a particular venue of art.

M. Linardi’s aim had been quality from the beginning! Not only for the reconstruction of the Castle, but also for its architectural style inclusive of the rooms, the space, the roof and ceilings, the colours, the decor, the paintings and the choice of furniture.

The valuable antiques are not limited only in the sitting room, but they are also placed in all spaces, turning the Castle into a museum; a life saving work of art. With a plethora of castle elements, authentic 18th century goverment documents, paintings, collectors mirrors, furniture, venetian porcelain and designer carpets.

In its Interior, the Castle retains its authentic character. Stone, wood and caste iron make up a solid body, which is completed by the battlements, the zematistra (a skillet full of hot water to scald intruders), the spillway for hot oil, the escape exit and other fortress elements.
As far as the hotel is concerned, it is a beautiful romantic composition, made up of many rooms and comfortable spaces with a terrace and garden in an atmosphere resembling that of an old manor house.

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