Glorious Peleys Castle Hotel

Quite Simply the Exclusive!


GLORIOUS PELEYS Castle Hotel was the reason Nikos Stereopoulos -of Asia Minor origin- and his wife, Maria Linardi -with a lot of Italian finesse in her origins and expression- journalists and tourism advisors, for them to express and realise a life’s dream. And they succeeded, turning this Castle into a stylish and authentic Art Hotel.
N. Stereopoulos, M. Linardi and Anna Stereopoulou -music composer, pianist and researcher- a special trio welcomes you with a type of discreet friendship to this aristocratic Castle – Hotel and a hospitality that reminds us of bygone days.
Nikos Stereopoulos has studied and published articles around archaeology, architecture, tourism and culture.
Maria Linardi has given lectures in advertising and decoration, painting and public relations.
Specialised in the field of Music Composition for Film & TV and having gained the «Best Original Music Award» (‘The Tree & the Swing’, dir.: M. Douza, 2014), Anna Stereopoulou has achieved to combine her music with modern art movements and world cultures, as well as with other Arts and Sciences and has developed a genre she likes describing as «sonic moving images» while she has also taken on the task of organising and overseeing Audio-Visual /Multi-Media concerts, inspired by researching various subjects.


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